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Revolutionary, patented light panel
Illuminating prints with the power of light
Flat, thin and flexible
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Imagine your prints lit up for maximum exposure. We introduce you to IllumaPrint, a revolutionary, patented light panel on which you can print and illuminate your graphics and artwork for beautiful, eye-catching displays.

IllumaPrint is the first of its kind to be able to use ink with illuminating properties through the application of nanotechnology. The result is a flat, thin and flexible light panel that is versatile and highly efficient. Unlike other illuminated displays in the market, IllumaPrint consumes only 0.0625 watts/sq. ft., yet still provides a soft, evenly distributed light that's appealing and effective. It's a brilliant solution for ensuring your advertising graphics, logo and message gain maximum exposure and visibility.

2 Options to Choose From:

Print directly on the salmon-hued IllumaPrint panel.

Or, you may choose to have us print on a special backlit substrate which will be placed in front of an IllumaPrint panel. * With this option, you can change your advertising message as you please.**

IllumaPrint panels and drivers/power supplies produce a sound while powered on that ranges from 35dB to 40dB, depending on the panel size. However, in most settings (such as a retail store), the sound is not noticeable.

*Due to the texture of the lamination on the IllumaPrint panels, if the design is printed directly on the panel, colors may appear diffused and your design will not be as crisp as on the Backlit Substrate. Please also note that IllumaPrint is not an LED product. Since the light emitted by IllumaPrint is a soft, diffused light, we recommend this product to be used in dark settings to ensure the design stands out.

**We do not tape or attach the backlit substrate to the IllumaPrint Panels. You may attach them using tape or add a frame to your order, in which you may insert the substrate and the panel.

LED ILLUMAPRINT Unlike LED lightboxes and other products in the market, IllumaPrint panels are flexible and as thin as laminated paper, making them ideal for almost all custom applications. As thin as laminated paper Thick Profile


  • Highly efficient light source (consumes only 0.0625 watts/sq. ft.)
  • Distributes a soft, diffused light evenly across the panel
  • Lightweight
  • As thin as laminated paper
  • Water resistant
  • Easy to use and installation takes seconds
  • Flexible and adaptable to numerous applications
  • Great for artwork, ad, retail and signage displays
  • Can be used for safety lighting, furniture accessories and more

Backlit Substrate

Photo Quality, Industry Standard

We know you love variety, which is why we provide our customers the option to print on a backlit substrate instead of printing directly on an IllumaPrint panel. Our high-quality backlit substrate is a professional-grade material that provides excellent color saturation, deep contrast and high pixel resolution. It's a first-class solution to achieving the most vivid and crisp photos and images for backlighting purposes.