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See all information and news regarding our operations effected by COVID-19 below.

Updated on: September 29th, 2020
We are still open for business.

We are prioritizing orders placed by hospitals, healthcare centers, testing centers, homeless shelters, urgent care facilities, and other establishments that are working to treat patients, bring awareness, and suppress the spread of COVID-19.

Please note that other businesses we work with may also be experiencing delays and closures. In our persistent effort to monitor this situation, we will continue to make the necessary changes required to protect our employees and to serve you, our valued customers.

We realize that this situation has brought up many questions from customers, and we're here to diminish all uncertainty.

Are you still accepting orders at this time?

Yes, we are here to serve you with all your online printing needs.

Can I expect that my order will arrive on time?

We are doing our best to meet our regular turnaround times, but due to unprecedented circumstances, we cannot guarantee a set turnaround time for your order. Please allow an additional few days for your orders. Additionally, delivery times cannot be guaranteed during the affected period due to delays among major shipping carriers. Please note that refunds on expedited shipping may not be available.

Can I add rush production to my order?

Due to the order volume and decrease in resources (i.e., facilities and employees) we have disabled rush production for any order. In the case that you do need your order as soon as possible, please reach out to customer service and we will do our best to assist you.

Am I able to pick up my order from the pickup office?

Our CA pickup office is closed at this time for the safety of our employees and our customers. When placing an order, you'll see that the option for pickup has been disabled. You may still have your order shipped to you.

Are certain products, services, and paper stocks unavailable during this time period?

Please refer to our full list of temporarily unavailable items. This list will be updated as changes are made.

For products currently available to order, please browse our website.

Will you be raising product prices or shipping costs?

Rest assured, we will not be raising the price of any product during this time. Shipping costs are calculated based on your zip code and may vary due to all orders being shipped out of Kentucky and Texas.

I need to print COVID-19 awareness essentials for my business, where can I find those on your site?

We are here to cater to your necessary print needs. Head to our Emergency Awareness Essentials page, where you will find all products that will be useful in this situation.

We are also offering Free Floor Decals to help essential businesses practice social distancing.

Will you be able to hold my order at your facility?

If you placed an order with us and selected pickup before we closed our office, we can either hold your order for you at our facility, or you may request to have your order shipped to you instead. Please email info@gotprint.com for cost and billing details.

Am I able to cancel my order based on the circumstances of COVID-19?

Our cancellation policies will remain the same during this time. Orders cannot be canceled if they are approved and paid. For more information, please contact customer service to further assist you.

Why isn't the reorder option available on My Account?

Some of our products have been disabled for ordering at this time, which may be one of the products you are attempting to reorder. Keep an eye on this page for any additional updates regarding specific products.

What are you doing differently to stop the spread of Coronavirus in your facilities?

Our CA production facility, HQ offices, and pickup location are all closed during this state-wide mandate. Our office employees are able to resume their work remotely from home. We have implemented stricter sanitation and social distancing policies at our production facilities in KY and TX.

We are urging all of our employees to stay home from work if they are feeling uncomfortable, unwell, or sick. We are consistently disinfecting our facilities, workstations, and machinery, as well as reminding employees to keep at least a 6 ft. distance from others and to frequently wash their hands. We have hand sanitizer stations and accessible hand washing stations located throughout all facilities and have given employees access to gloves and masks for mandatory wear.

Can I speak to a customer service representative if I have specific questions?

We are here to help! You may either email info@gotprint.com with specific questions, use the live chat feature found on our website, or call 1-877-922-7374 between the adjusted hours of Monday - Friday, 6 AM - 6 PM PST, and Saturday, 8 AM - 4 PM PST. We ask for your patience, as call and chat volume may be heightened during the time you are trying to reach us.

The following products & services are NOT available during this closure period:

  • Rolodex Cards
  • CD Packages
  • DVD Packages
  • Rush Production Time of various products

As news progresses, all updates regarding our site will be found on this page.

In the meantime, you can shop for available products by browsing our website, and visit our Emergency Awareness Essentials page if you are searching for specific products for your essential business.

Please note that as we continue to fulfill the demand of orders, we have over 500+ employees and want to ensure that our family of employees are in good standing condition.

We appreciate your understanding and patience at this time.