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Go Green with Recycled Print Products

At GotPrint.com, you'll find a wide variety of recycled premium paper stocks and materials for your next sustainable print project. FSC-certified recycled paper stock is the favored choice for the eco-friendly business or individual that strives to decrease their carbon footprint. For example, recycled prints are ideal for businesses that have taken the initiative by practicing more sustainable methods and conveying it to their customers, such as coffee shops using less or no plastic, offering discounts to customers who bring their own mugs or tumblers, and providing biodegradable straws. Having recycled printed materials that are necessities, such as business cards, informational brochures or menus, postcards, flyers, cardboard signs, and more will furthermore convey either your company's or your personal sustainability efforts. You can even subtly incorporate a line of copy that says “printed on recycled paper” somewhere on your recycled prints as a simple marketing strategy to promote your environmentally conscious brand.