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Custom Circle Roll Label Stickers at GotPrint.com
Custom Circle Stickers
Size Price Paper Details
0.75" DIA from $101.60
1" DIA from $102.22
1.5" DIA from $103.99
2" DIA from $106.47
2.5" DIA from $109.66
3" DIA from $113.56
3.5" DIA from $118.16
4" DIA from $123.48
5" DIA from $136.24

The White BOPP paper stock is made of gloss and polypropylene material. It is suitable for many indoor applications and resistant to water and oils. The Clear BOPP stock is made of polypropylene material and is also resistant to water and oils. Its clear surface makes it suitable for window applications and both indoor or outdoor laminates are available.

Other paper options include: white flexible vinyl, which is a gloss white vinyl material, or White Textured (Matte), a matte white and textured material that gives a luxury look to product labels.

Need Help with Your Design?

Let one of our graphic designers design your Stickers from start to finish.

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Circle Roll Label Stickers:

Custom circle sticker labels are essential to your business or your next craft. Order a round-shaped sticker to print your designs on for an eye-catching way to make them go viral! Circle sticker labels are practical and fun to stick anywhere from wedding labels, product labels, jar labels, lettering, and so much more! They come in various small and large sizes, perfect for any smooth surface you can think of.

The elegance of a round shape make them perfect for printing them as invitation/ letter seals. We have both Clear and White BOPP paper for indoor use, the best choice for product labeling and packaging. We also have a durable White Vinyl paper stock which is ideal for outdoor uses. With vinyl stickers, your stickers and your message will last a long time!

Custom circle stickers have more functions than you may realize. They make any crafting project look superb. Order lettering designs on them to get really creative with your craft books or school projects! Another great use would be to use them for decorative name tags for parties, weddings, and more. Basically, circle stickers are so versatile that their uses are almost endless, that they look great wherever you stick them on.

A custom circle sticker gives the space they stick-on an aesthetic edge. The uses can be decorative, functional, or both. Printing your stickers is the easy part. Simply upload your design or use our design tool to create one from scratch, then we’ll do the rest! These stickers are printed on a roll label, which needs to be unrolled a few times before your finished product is revealed.