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Our Guarantee

Quality, price, and customer service.

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First-time Customer? No Problem!

We take every effort to alleviate your worries so you can focus on marketing your materials.

We offer a Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee to our first-time retail customers or first time issues for orders with a subtotal up to $100. If you are not entirely satisfied with the finished printed product, you can send it back to us for a full refund of the printing cost only. Please make sure your first order does not exceed this amount; that way you will know exactly what quality to expect.

GotPrint will only correct errors of improper cutting, print quality, color, print shift, and printing delays to ensure that you are satisfied with your final product. Please visit our Help Page and click on Order Issues for more details.

Due to the nature of our full-color printing (CMYK), we cannot print every color available. We do not color match; however, we offer the print industry's standard phrase of respectable color and will make every rational effort to print your product as close to the colors you have provided as possible.

If any issue should arise, please submit an "Order Issue" ticket through your order page. Please provide as much detail as possible, and one of our representatives will respond within 1-2 business days for assistance.

Happy ordering!

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Honest Pricing Guarantee

Created with the mindset of putting our customers first.

Low Price Promise

As one of the leading players in the printing industry, we aim to remain transparent in everything we do, including the prices we provide to our customers. GotPrint works year-round to maintain low and honest pricing through both competitive research and a unique business model.

100% Family-Owned and Operated

We're proud to say that our company, though large, is still considered a family business. We're not backed by investors or a board of directors, meaning we have no one to report to, just ourselves and you, our valued customers.

We Make Investments to Benefit You

Did you know? 90% of our inventory is purchased directly from the manufacturer, and 99% of our products are printed and converted in one of our facilities. Not to mention, we own all our equipment. All these factors allow us to put detailed attention and quality toward all the moving parts of creating your perfect prints.