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Choose a set of staggered flyers that fit perfectly within a presentation kit.

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Add different information to each page

With Staggered Flyers, you have the ability to create a different file for each page, making this print product the perfect tool for your next presentation kit. We ask that you upload all pages in order as one multi-page PDF to make organization easier.

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Front & Back Full Color Printing

Design with eye-catching, vibrant colors

Choose between full color front with a blank back, or full color front & back printing depending on the intention of your flyers. With this option, you can utilize all the space you need to present your project or showcase your products and services.

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A traditional marketing tool for outreach & beyond. Available in a variety of sizes & premium papers. Starting at $24.00 Order Now     

Frequently Asked Questions

Staggered Flyers are a set of leaflets that allows you to showcase and elaborate products, services, and more individually on each page. They are considered staggered because of their difference in paper height; however, the width is the same across all the papers. Staggered Flyers are generally used to organize presentations and pair well with folders.

Though seemingly complicated, on the contrary, staggered cut flyers are fairly easy to make! All you have to do is generate your desired content and design for each page you wish to print in the staggered set, whether that’s 3 pages or 8 pages, and group them together into an ordered multi-page PDF.

We offered two different sizes, 6" x 9" and 8.5" x 11", staggered by increments of .25" or .5", with both size options having a range of 3 to 8 pages per unit. Keep in mind that each page can have its own content and design, which is why we ask you to upload one file (a multi-page PDF or a zip file) for all the corresponding pages.

We require you to upload one multiple-page PDF file with the pages in numerical order to be able to create the spreads accordingly. The multiple-page PDF file should have the individual pages (not spreads) in this order: Front Cover is the first page, the inside of the front cover is Page2, Page3, Page4, ... the last page is the Back Cover.

You can also upload a zip (compressed) folder with all your files within the folder. Please make sure the files in the folder are named after their corresponding pages (not spreads). Example: Page1 Front Cover.pdf, Page2.pdf, Page3.pdf, Page4.pdf, ...Page12 Back Cover.pdf

It takes anywhere from 2 to 6 business days to print most staggered flyer orders. Production time begins a day after you have approved your proof and your payment is processed. If your order is approved and payment is processed by 9 AM PT / 12 PM ET, then the production time begins that day.

Depending on the shipping method you choose, shipping generally takes 2 to 6 business days. If you need your staggered flyers sooner, we may offer rush printing (not available for all paper stocks) and expedited shipping. To learn more about the printing and shipping times, please visit our Production Time page.

Staggered Presentation Flyers at GotPrint.com

Business proposals, pitch meetings, and presentations alike could all use Staggered Cut Flyers as a trusty sidekick. At GotPrint.com, we offer Staggered Flyers to make organizing your project or portfolio a breeze! Showcase a variety of different products and information on each individual page and create a cohesive presentation you’ll be proud of. We offer flyer sizes that conveniently fit in standard-sized Folders (sold separately) on a variety of high-quality glossy and matte paper stock options. The benefits of creating custom staggered flyers for your business are abundant, but the most important is that your business will have a professional portfolio to present to potential clients and partners. Whether you need to highlight information on multiple products, services, or presentation points, staggered cut flyers are the go-to print product for you!