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Emergency Awareness Designs

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are not able to change, add, or remove any elements, such as the GotPrint.com logo, on any of the pre-designed products. If you would like to have a custom design catered to your business, you may visit the order form of any product, upload your own print-ready file, browse our Online Designer for customizable templates, or take advantage of our Design Services packages.

We are offering these pre-designed signage products at a more affordable cost to you, which means you will be paying less for these products than you would for a regular custom product. Please visit the links above for more information.

Yes, we have a handful of ready-made products that we are offering free of charge, which are indicated on each page in the links above. Please note that customers are allowed only one free product among all of our pre-made signage. You will be charged a standard shipping rate for your free product order. Once you have already ordered one ready-made signage product, you will not be able to place another order for free. All additional signage is 20% off.

With the current worldwide situation at hand, we wanted to take this opportunity to help other businesses function under the given circumstances. The products being offered on this page are useful for businesses who are looking for quick signage that will provide helpful guidelines and safer options to customers and patrons.

Yes, there are a number of products available with each pre-made design. We invite you to click on the categories above to see which products are offered for each design.

We have pre-set each product's specifications based on the pre-made design, as well as the practicality and popularity of each product. Therefore, we do not provide the option to change specifications for these pre-made products. If you would like to place an order for a custom product, please visit the order form of any product, where you may fill out the specs and upload your own print-ready design.

We understand the urgency and are working hard to prioritize these orders. Each product has a different turnaround time. Please visit our Production Time page to see the specific times for each product. Shipping will vary based on your zip code and carrier delays related to COVID-19.

Quick and Effective Emergency Awareness Signage for Your Business

During this unprecedented time in history, we’ve all had to make changes and sacrifices, not only for ourselves, but for the greater good. Essential businesses, such as grocery stores, healthcare facilities, and restaurants, although given the approval to remain open, have had to significantly change regulations and practices within their establishments. To help these businesses properly and safely inform their customers and patrons of these changes, such as practicing social distancing guidelines and providing safer alternatives to eating takeout, we want to extend a helping hand during a time when aid is needed the most. GotPrint.com is offering a variety pre-designed emergency awareness signage for purchase to help both businesses and customers navigate through this pandemic with caution and clarity. Products such as A-Frame Signs, Window Decals, PVC Boards, and Floor Decals have been pre-designed with a variety of instances in mind, so that you can effectively and quickly display these signs in and around your establishment. Ultimately, we hope that this gesture will be of great use to businesses of all sizes so that we may work together to flatten the curve and stop the spread of COVID-19.