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Did You Know?

Paper is made from a raw, fibrous material called Pulp. Pulp is most commonly made from either the break down of wood chips, or the break down of paper recovered for recycling. The latter is how we get recycled, eco-friendly paper.

Most people associate the process of making paper with deforestation. In reality, there are many paper mills, like our own paper vendors, who use resourceful and economically conscious methods to produce paper.

Recycled Paper Options

GotPrint's premium recycled stocks contain recovered fibers from post-consumer sources. The result is reduced impact on forest resources, reduced air and water pollution, reduced water and energy consumption, and the reduction of solid waste. Our FSC certified stocks are the perfect choice for our eco-conscious customers.

Conscious Commitments

GotPrint goes the extra mile for
a greener environment.

Sustainable Production

GotPrint also incorporates the use of environmentally-friendly inks and solvents. Our inks are vegetable oil-based and emit very low traces of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are the fumes that evaporate into the air from inks, solvents, and cleaners as they are used or while they dry.

GotPrint's VOC emissions from our printing process are as low as practicable due to the use of these eco-friendly materials. In comparison, petroleum-based inks and solvents release a much greater amount of VOCs than soy inks and our extremely low VOC solvents. Furthermore, the waste produced by soy inks poses a much reduced threat to the environment compared to petroleum-based inks and can be easily treated using modern methods.

Corporate Responsibility

In our continued commitment to the environment, GotPrint takes every opportunity to offer consumers eco-friendly print solutions. We strive to expand the selection of recycled paper options and reduce waste whenever possible.

Additionally, our state-of-the-art facilities are designed to minimize our impact on the environment. Even GotPrint's employees contribute to the green initiative by reusing and recycling paper and materials when possible (recycling bins are located throughout the offices and facilities).

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Let's Work Together to Make a Difference

Corporations have a responsibility to their customers and their community to do their part in protecting the planet. At GotPrint, we incorporate environmentally-conscious practices into every step of our process, with the goal of reducing waste and maximizing reuse throughout the company. Thanks to our selection of FSC certified recycled paper products, we allow our consumers to make smart, responsible choices when it comes to their marketing stationery. By using modern equipment, advanced technology, and UV/soy-based inks, we have successfully minimized the output of volatile organic compounds into the atmosphere. Every little bit helps, which is why we encourage our employees to continually identify new opportunities to conserve energy and natural resources. The ultimate goal is to help build a sustainable environment to maintain the planet for future generations.