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Frequently Asked Questions

Though both products are essentially both "stickers", there are some notable differences that will make your decision between the two products easier to determine.

Stickers are considered to be more lightweight and not for prolonged use. They do not perform well when coming in contact with water or extreme temperatures. Roll Labels, however, are thicker and more durable than Stickers, and depending on the material selected, have the capability to withstand water, various temperatures, and are even sometimes possible to use in outdoor settings, which is why they're best for long-term use.

Stickers are individually pre-cut with a crack & peel backing. Roll Labels are, as the name suggests, are placed on a roll, making it convenient to integrate into your own roll label machine, if necessary. We even offer the choice to select the wind position of your labels to match the way it dispenses out of your own machine.

We offer hundreds of fully customizable templates for both Stickers and Roll Labels, so that you can create exactly what you're envisioning directly on our website. Add your company logo, name, any text such as packaging info, couple's monograms, and much, much more! The possibilities are endless

Stickers are intended for indoor use only. We do not recommend using them in outdoor settings. Roll Labels are slightly more flexible in terms of use. You may refer to the Roll Labels order form for the recommended use of each material.

While Roll Labels are significantly more costly than Stickers, it's important to identify the intended use before making your decision. If you are looking to create something to highlight your brand, whether that's a giveaway item or creating merchandise for profit, we recommend Stickers. If you are looking for a long-lasting product for something like packaging labels for food items or beverages, then you can be confident in your choice to invest in roll labels.

Custom Stickers & Roll Labels from GotPrint.com

Stickers and Roll Labels are essential marketing tools that can elevate multiple aspects of a business from brand visibility to the legitimacy of a product. Whether you’re just starting out as a small business owner or running a well-established company, custom Stickers and Roll Labels have the ability to boost and solidify your business.

Design everything from packaging labels, wine labels, address labels, envelope seals, packaging security seals, oil change stickers, and more with Roll Labels! We offer conventional shapes like rectangle and square, as well as unique shapes like circle labels, oval labels, and starburst labels. Browse our design templates to get started on creating a custom Roll Label, or design with a blank canvas with our Online Designer tool, easy to use for the average person. With a wide variety of material options, such as white, clear, and silver foil BOPP labels, white and cream laid texture labels for glass bottles, and removable labels for more less permanent labeling jobs, and unbeatable pricing, you can feel confident that you've come to the right place.

Stickers, on the other hand, are some of the best marketing tools to increase brand awareness. Print your logo, a catchy slogan, or a cool design and share one with everyone you come in contact with. When done properly, stickers have the potential to put your brand in the spotlight, as people love to display interesting looking stickers on laptops, water canteens, and more. You can use custom stickers for your next campaign, as sticker marketing is often used as an affordable way to kick off a new promo or business.