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Quick Check

  • Text size is legible
  • Information is accurate and spelled correctly
  • Images are clear and meet DPI requirements

Resolution: Make sure all elements are set to 300 to 350 dpi (unless otherwise stated). Images taken from the web tend to be low-resolution, which can result in blurry or pixelated prints.

How to Prepare Print-Ready Files

Black Bleed Line Make sure all background elements extend to the bleed line.
Pink Trim Line Product will be trimmed along this area to its final size. Borders are not recommended due to cutting shifts.
Blue Safety Line Keep text and images within this line. Anything outside this area might get trimmed off.

Note: Due to possible cutting shifts, we do not recommend printing designs with borders. However, if your design contains a border, we recommend that it falls within the safe zone guidelines and extends to the edge of the bleed line.

Fonts and files Checklist


Make sure files are flattened and fonts are outlined. If your fonts are not outlined, a different font may be substituted in your document. To prevent these variations, outline all your fonts or save your files in JPG or TIF/TIFF file formats.

File Types & Color Mode

We accept the following file types: TIF, TIFF, EPS, AI, PSD, BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG, PDF.

Print files should be in CMYK mode unless otherwise stated. Please check the File Setup tab for each product for required color mode.

If you are submitting an AI file, please make sure the images within the file are properly embedded or linked.

Please note that we do not print adult content (though art is accepted), copyrighted material, discriminatory material, FDA material, or money. All files are subject to approval. We reserve the right to deny services without a disclosed reason for objectionable content.

File Rotation Instructions

Greeting Card

Horizontal Designs Please refer to the image above for the proper orientation of each panel, so that your horizontal card prints and folds correctly. Download horizontal templates
Vertical Designs Please refer to the image above for the proper orientation of each panel, so that your vertical card prints and folds correctly. Download vertical templates